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Release notes

Version 7.16, released 2024-Jan-16

New features:
- The Line tool now allows you to draw arrows.
- Now you can set arbitrary line widths in the Line, Rectangle, and Ellipse tools.
- Arbitrary border width in the Rounded Corners filter.

Version 7.15, released 2023-Oct-10

New features:
- The Lasso tool has been added to allow selection of non-rectangular areas.
- Screen space is now used better in full screen mode, especially on high resolution screens.
- The Pencil and Airbrush tools now have a new checkbox in their settings: Auto change to match icon size.
- The Rounded Corners filter now has a wider Auto (2x) border width setting.
- The Color Picker now has a transparency setting (Ignore, Do not alter, Pick).
- The Color selection tool now has a new text field that displays and edits the hexadecimal color values.
- Minor bug fixes.

Version 7.14, released 2023-Apr-11

New features:
- Help file improved, all images in it are now properly scaled when Windows screen scaling is more than 100%.
- The Rounded Corners filter now has a new preset: Round.
- The Round and Round with Border filters are now implemented via the Rounded Corners filter, using the new preset. This allows you to change border width and apply padding.

Version 7.13.3, released 2023-Mar-28

- Fixed a bug that caused IconEdit2 to hang when selecting some image sizes when Windows screen scaling is more than 200% - notably 96x96 image size with 225% Windows screen scaling.
Version 7.13.2 was an internal build for testing the bugfix, and was never released.

Version 7.13.1, released 2023-Feb-26

- When opening an icon file via command line parameter, IconEdit2 was not initialized properly if command line contained quoted or non-existent file path.

Version 7.13, released 2023-Feb-21

New features:
- When you save an icon, IconEdit2 now tells Windows to update its icon cache. So when you save an updated icon which overwrites an existing icon, Windows displays the right image (new icon) where you have saved it (e.g. on Desktop), and not the old one. This was a very confusing problem on Windows side, which is finally solved.
- When you save an icon with missing any of recommended resolutions (16x16, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256), IconEdit2 now prompts to add recommended resolutions.
- When you save an icon which contains an empty image, IconEdit2 now shows a warning.
- Export for iPhone/iPad/Mac now creates a ZIP file, not DMG. Zip files are more compact and convenient, they are opened without problems on both Windows and Mac computers.
- Fixed a bug with resolution enhancement, which in some cases produced wrong image size (1 pixel smaller than required).

Version 7.12, released 2022-Jan-06

New features:
- Center horizontally and Center vertically buttons added to the Text Tool, allowing centering text in the icon.
- Color picker header now displays which color is being selected - Color 1 or Color 2.
- The Rounded Corners (Advanced) filter improved: When border is added, no more artifacts around the border.
- Rounded Corners and Rounded Corners (Advanced) filters are unified into one.
- The Point Tool improved - now it fills a full stroke rather than separate points after you move the mouse while holding down the button.
- Dialogue windows now have native Windows style under Windows 11.

Version 7.11.2, released 2021-Jun-27

- Fixed one more bug introduced in v7.11. Delete and Backspace keys now work properly in Text Tool.

Version 7.11.1, released 2021-May-28

- Fixed several minor bugs introduced in v7.11.

Version 7.11, released 2021-May-13

New features:
- New Auto line width (1/32 of icon size) for lines, ellipses, and rectangles. Useful when switching between various icon sizes: You can keep the same relative line width.
- New Snap to grid option for lines, ellipses and rectangles.
- New guide types: Guides for iOS icon and Guides for macOS icon. See View | Grid and Guides menu.
- New Rounded corners (advanced) filter. See Filters | Shape menu. It has several presets and produces more beautiful rounded corners than the old basic filter.
- The default icon size on app launch is now 256x256 (not 32x32 as before). You can set the default size in Preferences.
- New setting in Preferences: Default icon size. Used to set icon size on app launch and when using the File | Close menu command.
- The installer no longer requires Administrator rights.
- The installer no longer supports Windows XP.

Version 7.10, released 2021-Jan-14

New features:
- New Glyph tool. Glyphs are more than 1400 ready-to-use symbols, which you can add to your icon image.

Version 7.9.1, released 2020-Sep-15

Minor tweaks:
- High DPI monitors support improved.
- Hint messages added when exporting image to a lossy graphic format.

Version 7.9, released 2020-Jan-07

New features:
- Updated look and feel.

Version 7.8.1, released later on 2019-May-12

- Fixed a problem with Help file displaying.

Version 7.8, released 2019-May-12

New features:
- Icon export for Apple devices improved - new resolutions added for Apple Watch and Mac apps.

Version 7.7, released 2019-Jan-22

New features:
- Possibility to set transparent areas to black, white, or gray instead of default checkerboard pattern.
- Option to set right mouse button action - Eraser or Swap Colors.
- Finnish translations corrected.

Version 7.6, released 2018-Apr-17

New features:
- Resolution enhancement is now performed when updating a larger image from a smaller one.
- When exporting for Android, a 512x512 image is now generated in addition to other sizes.
- When exporting for iOS, a 1024x1024 image is now generated in addition to other sizes.

Version 7.5.1, released 2018-Mar-10

Improvements and bugfixes:
- Mouse pointers updated.
- Fixed a bug with the Hand tool - now the tool works with all screen scales.
- Help file updated.

Version 7.5, released 2018-Jan-21

New features:
- High DPI monitors are now supported. IconEdit2 scales up when "Text, Apps and other items" size set to more than 100% in Windows.
- New gray color UI theme.

Version 7.4.1, released 2017-Jun-04

- Fixed screenshot function when Text, Apps and other items size set to more than 100% in Windows.

Version 7.4, released 2017-Mar-22

New features:
- New menu command added: Edit | Paste from File....
- Edit | Paste Transparent... improved. When pasting smaller images, they are not enlarged to the whole icon size, and allowed to move (paste position) with mouse.
- When Control or Alt key is pressed, Ellipses become circles, Rectangles become squares, and lines are strictly horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

Version 7.3, released 2017-Feb-24

New features:
- Batch convert images to icons. See Help | Batch convert images... menu command.
- New option in Preferences: Styled system windows. You can switch it off if you don't like IconEdit2-styled File Open and File Save dialogs.
- Minor tweaks, e.g. more optimal default color depths for new icons.

Version 7.2, released 2017-Jan-26

New features:
- Cursor (*.cur) file support added.

Version 7.1, released 2016-Nov-16

New features:
- Anti-aliasing method for 1-pixel-wide lines was changed to produce sharper lines.
- Option added to switch off anti-aliasing for lines, ellipses, and rounded rectangles.
- Gradient Fill implemented (Linear and Radial).
- Swap colors button added.
- Help file updated.

Version 7.0, released 2016-Sep-21

New features:
- Larger main window with redesigned side panels.
- New buttons for exporting an image for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Android.

Version 6.11, released 2016-Apr-27

New features:
- Catalan, Finnish, and Swedish languages added.
- New View | Guides menu command and tool button added.
- Setup app now creates just one icon in Start menu to better suite Windows 10 style.

Version 6.10, released 2016-Jan-11

New features:
- PNGs for iOS app image export format improved: new 83.5@2x icon size added for iPad Pro.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 6.9, released 2014-Dec-20

New features:
- PNGs for iOS app image export format improved: new @3x icon sizes added for iPhone 6.
- PNGs for Android app image export format added.

Version 6.8, released 2014-Sep-03

New features:
- New Filters | Other | Transparency... filter.
- New iOS icon bundle image export format.
- Edit | Paste functionality improved.

Version 6.7, released 2014-May-08

New features:
- TrueColor mouse pointers under Windows Vista and later.
- Color Picker improved: shows Color panel after picking a color.
- Bug fixed that caused transparent areas to be displayed as black in Windows XP.

Version 6.6, released 2014-Apr-15

New features:
- 1-bit color depth support added.
- Bug fixed that caused incorrect saving of non-standard image sizes.

Version 6.5, released 2014-Jan-28

New features:
- Image quality improved for ellipses, rounded rectangles, and thick lines.
- Filters added: Round with Border and Rounded Corners.
- Application icon changed.
- Modes added for Point tool.

Version 6.4, released 2013-Oct-04

New features:
- Right-click to erase.
- Filters | Stylize | Round filter added.
- Modes for the Move tool added.

Version 6.3, released 2013-May-14

New features:
- Zoom In/Out implemented.
- Image | Update from menu command added, allowing to instantly update current image from another image in multi-image icon.
- Minor tweaks.

Version 6.2, released 2013-Feb-06

New features:
- Fixed problem with screen capture in fullscreen mode on some computers (IconEdit2 window did not hide on some PCs).
- Japanese translation updated.
- Image | Capture with Crop menu command added.
- Edit | Preferences... menu command added.
- The Fill tool now has three modes: Blend, Replace, and Replace Antialiased.

Version 6.1, released 2012-Nov-26

New features:
- Snapshot function reimplemented without Clipboard usage.
- BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, and PNG formats added into Save As dialog (in addition to Export dialog).
- Icon sizes commands added into File menu.
- Fullscreen mode instead of separate edit window.
- Filters start from non-zero value for immediate result.
- Russian and Japanese languages added.

Version 6.0, released 2012-Sep-20

New features:
- Full support for semi-transparency.
- Full support for multi-image icon files.
- User interface redesigned.

Version 5.5, released 2011-May-26

New features:
- (Auto)Check for updates function added.
- Grid for 256x256 and 128x128 icons is not displayed in edit area.
- Setup application is now digitally signed.

Version 5.4, released 2010-Feb-04

New features:
- View | Preview Area Color menu command added.
- Image | Filters - Other | Drop Sadow filter added.
- Minor bugs fixed.

Version 5.3, released 2009-Sep-05

New features:
- 256x256 PNG-compressed icon support added.
- Edit | Cut and Edit | Clear menu commands added.
- Icon extraction from EXE/DLL/ICL improved.
- PNG and GIF to icon conversion improved (transparency preserved).

Version 5.02, released 2008-Sep-14

Another maintenance release.
- Now compatible with Windows Vista 64-bit and Windows 2008 Server.

Version 5.01, released 2008-Feb-13

Maintenance release.

Version 5.0, released 2007-Dec-12

New features:
- 32-bit icon format added.
- Auto Smooth Edges option added for 32-bit icons, applying partial transparency at the edges of transparent and non-transparent areas.
- Improved quality for image resize and rotate.
- Improved quality for text, line, and ellipse smoothing.
- 24x24, 64x64, 96x96, and 128x128 icon sizes now supported in addition to 16x16, 32x32, and 48x48.
- New image filters added.

Version 4.4, released 2007-May-06

New features:
- Setup application improved for Vista compatibility (Web links in Start menu now created correctly under Vista).
- Context Help invocation added on F1 key in all Filter and Adjustment windows.
- Fixed "Out of system resources" error when trying to open multi-image icon with 128x128 or 256x256 image included.

Version 4.3, released 2006-Aug-27

New features:
- Added ability to combine multiple single-image icon files into one multi-image file.
- Help file redesigned. Now it is much more informative and compatible with upcoming Windows Vista.

Version 4.2, released 2006-Apr-26

New features:
- New tools: Select Areas and Type Text.
- Improved quality of saved GIF images (optimal 2^n color palette used now instead of 216-color Netscape palette).
- Fixed bug in Search function caused TIFF and PNG files to be skipped from search.
- Fixed minor bug in 16-color icon format caused icon incompatibility with some software, e.g. Perl2Exe.
- Other minor improvements.

Version 4.1, released 2005-Nov-22

New features:
- PNG support added.

Version 4.0, released 2005-Nov-05

New features:
- New screen capture mode: Capture with Crop.
- Large/Normal view.
- Tools menu added.
- Ability to save multi-image ICO files.
- Tool pane added with extended settings for drawing tools.

Version 3.2, released 2004-Apr-09

New features:
- TIFF format support added.

Version 3.1, released 2004-Mar-29

New features:
- File menu now contains a list of recent files to reopen.
- Confirmation on icon overwrite added; Prompt to save on exit added.
- Dutch and German languages added.

Version 3.0, released 2003-Oct-26

New features:
- Improved image quality when resizing images.
- 48x48 icons support.
- AOL Instant Messenger™ buddy icons support.
- Image flipping and arbitrary rotation.
- Various image filters added.

Version 2.7, released 2003-Sep-08

New features:
- Ability to save 256-color icons in addition to TrueColor.
- GIF format support.
- NIL (Norton Icon Library) format support for extract icons.
- Initial folders for Open and Save dialogue are remembered from last Open and Save actions.
- Camera mode can be canceled with right mouse button.
- French and Spanish languages added.

Version 2.6, released 2003-Mar-20

New features:
- Copy/Paste ability added.
- Menu bar added.

Version 2.5, released 2002-Sep-16

New features:
- Improved look, especially on LCD screens.

Version 2.4, released 2002-Mar-18

New features:
- Output of BMP format image improved.
- New Color thermometer tool.
- New Hand tool.

Version 2.3, released 2001-Oct-07

New features:
- Undo/redo.
- Right mouse button functionality (drawing with transparent color).
- ICL format support.

Version 2.2, released 2001-Mar

New features:
- Better transparency handling.
- New button for setting drawing color the same as transparent.
- Italian language interface added.

Version 2.1, released 2000-Oct

New features:
- Windows 2000 support in addition to Win95/98/NT4.
- Two languages interface: English and Portuguese (Brazilian).
- Open icons from Windows environment with doubleclick.
- Open icons from Windows environment with drag-and-drop.
- 16x16 icon size support in addition to 32x32.

Version 2.0, released 2000-May

New major release.
- "2" is now part of the product name, "IconEdit2".
- New "look and feel".
- New drawing tools.
- TrueColor icons support.

Version 1.0

The first release of the Icon Editor.